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Entrepreneurial spirit - integrity, integrity, pragmatic and innovative
Truth-seeking, down to earth, race against time, reflecting the value; broaden horizons, bold exploration, innovation, and create vitality
Enterprise Mission - the pursuit of excellence, social return
Self-improvement, self-development, and constantly go beyond the self, never stop the pursuit of excellence in performance, unconventional, leap-forward expansion of economic scale, in the process of economic globalization forever more glorious enterprises. For the domestic and international markets to provide more and more quality products and create more and more economic and social benefits for the state turned over to more and more taxes, and continuously expand the reproduction, employment growth of the workforce, nurturing modern "Four" new people, the benefit of the people, for the whole people to provide well-off as much material and spiritual food.
Corporate mission - to   create value for customers
Enterprise vision - to become the best partner of the power transmission industry
Corporate values - adult up to, collaboration, abide by the contract, the implementation of effective